Web Applications

Remote Office Management Web App - Do you have multiple remote offices? Do you have long waiting lines for people to get processed or served? This Application records the time a client/visitor/patient enters your waiting room. You can get a snap shot of how many people are waiting to get helped and for how long they have been waiting. After the clients/visitors/patients are served, you can survey the clients/visitors/patients to see if their needs were met and if your staff was helpful.

Reports are available to show you who your most productive employees, wait times, etc.

You can be sent an email or sent a text message when too many people are waiting.

Management Web Application for AYSO Regions and Areas - Soccer referee self-scheduling, Volunteer task management with volunteer self-scheduling (includes team points management). Game Scheduling, Team Mangement, Standings etc. Multiple competion capability, regular season, spring league, Extra program, etc. Referee self scheduler works at the region or area level. Tailored for AYSO region Play and Area Play.

Job Posting and Resume Posting Web App -

Simple Paypal shopping cart with an upload image feature, Web App - Manage your own paypal shoppping cart. Upload images, set pricing, enter descriptions. Programmable shipping pricing. Easy to use. Perfect for novices.

Online Product Catalog with upload image feature, Web App - Manage your online product catalog. Upload images and enter descriptions. Easy to use. Perfect for novices.


Software Development Expertise

  • C programming on the LINUX/UNIX, Windows, and AS/400 platforms
    We can satisfy all your programming needs on any of these platforms,
    including network programming, GUI applications, etc. We are specialist
    in Porting Windows and Unix applications to the AS/400. Also, experienced in
    porting with UNIX to AS/400 porting utilizing PASE.
  • PHP and database programming specializing in PostgreSQL and MySql databases.
  • Python programming especially on Linux/Unix platforms.
  • Java Script and Java Applet programming
    Including request forms, calculate forms, animations, etc.
  • CGI programming in C or Perl
    To process any request from Web Pages on Internet
    To give your clients the ability to buy through Internet with a credit
  • Computer Software consulting for small businesses
    We build PC's to your specifications
  • Network Consulting/Installations
  • Electronic Commerce Solutions
  • LINUX/Unix Internet Database Solutions using PHP, PHP4, PHP5 with sybase, mysql, postgresql, oracle, and msql.
  • NT Internet Database Solutions using ASP, MS Access, MS SQL 7.0 MS SQL 2000.
  • Online Credit Card Authorization Solutions for Paypal, Verisign, Card Services International, Authorize.Net and others.
  • Auction site programming, Entertainment Business Solutions, Paypal Shopping cart solutions, job bank solutions and countless others.

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