- Example: 3105551212
"; } //in this demo code, we may use a test phone number and not do a live prequal. However //we will demonstrate how to do a live prequal using wget -- google wget for more info. #$test_number = '1112223333'; //if there is a test number, we will use it. if ($test_number) { $phone_number = $test_number; } /* in the IF statment below, we demonstrate the prequal using both the standard and the class based methods. set the $use_class var to switch methods. */ //should we use the prequal class or standard code $use_class = 0; if ($use_class) { /* This method shows how to use the prequal URL with the class --------------------------------------------------------------------*/ //these are the types of services we sell $we_sell = array('primary+', 'basic1', 'advanced', 'premium1', 'advanced+', 'symmetric'); //bring in the code for the prequal class require_once("./dslprequal.inc.php"); //instanciate the class (see the class for more options) $dsl_pq = new dslPreQual(); //set the phone number and do the prequal $dsl_pq->setPhoneNumber($phone_number); //check for a good result using the status() method if ($dsl_pq->status()) { /* There are currently three methods you can use once the prequal is done using setPhoneNumber(). You can add more methods as you see fit. The methods are: - getDSLAvailable() - getDSLAvailableExtended() - getDSLAvailableByType() */ //this call demonstrates the getDSLAvailableExtended() $input['avail'] = $dsl_pq->getDSLAvailableExtended(); //this call will demonstrate the getDSLAvailableByType() method if ($input['avail'] == 'YES') { //set the billing type $input['bill_type'] = $dsl_pq->getDSLBillType(); //check each of the products we sell to see if they are available foreach ($we_sell as $product) { if ($dsl_pq->getDSLAvailableByType($product)) { $input['available products'][] = $product; } } } } else { $error_text = "The prequal returned an invalid response
"; } } else { /* This method shows how to use the prequal URL without the class --------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* The next command will make a call to the prequal URL, which is: https://dsl-manager.sonic.net/public/dsl_prequal_reseller.php?phone=$phone_number Note: In this example, we may use a test number to simulate the prequal. We also demonstrate how you could do a real prequal using 'wget' to call the remote URL. To use 'wget' you must have it installed on the server where this program will run. With 'wget', you should be able to run the following command at the shell to test whether or not it's working (make sure to give it a real phone number: wget --quiet --no-check-certificate -O - https://dsl-manager.sonic.net/public/dsl_prequal_reseller.php.php?phone=$phone_number If you see an error, like (wget: unrecognized option), you will need to update your version of wget. You can also use 'curl' if it has been compiled into your PHP distibution. If it has not, you will need to re-compile PHP with curl support to use it. You should make sure that your version of curl supports "https." */ //by default, we will be using a test number if ($test_number) { //simulate the prequal result using the test number. It simply sets the result string to the $result variable. //this is the same type of string the prequal URL returns. The result string is explained more below. $result = "products=primary+,basic1,advanced,premium1,advanced+,symmetric&avail=YES&phone=$test_number"; } else { //this is how you would do a "real" prequal using wget. You must have 'wget' installed on the server where this //code is running. You could also use 'curl' if you have compiled PHP to support it. Your curl version needs to //support https. See the comment (above) for more info on wget and curl. $result = `wget --quiet --no-check-certificate -O - https://dsl-manager.sonic.net/public/dsl_prequal_reseller.php?phone=$phone_number`; } /* The return string should look something like this example: "products=primary+,basic1,advanced,premium1,advanced+,symmetric&avail=YES&bill_type=R-Residential&phone=7075551212" There are be four fields in the return string and they will be sepearted with an '&' ampersand. The four fiels are: - products: which will be a comma seperated list of 'availabe' products - avail: which can be any of the following: - YES - NO - HAS_SERVICE - ERROR - INDETERMINATE - bill_type: which indicates the type of phone service, it can be one of the following: - R-Residential - B-Business - INDETERMINATE - phone: which will be the phone number that was pre-quaified The code directly below will take the result string and create the array that is displayed on the web page of this Demo when you have a successful prequal. */ //split out the parts of the return string. This will save three keys (products, avail & phone) //to an array called $input. the 'products' elment will be a sub-array of the 'available' products if (ereg('&', $result)) { if($groups = explode('&', $result)) { foreach ($groups as $group) { list($key, $val) = explode('=', $group); if ($key == 'products') { $products = explode(',', $val); $input['available products'] = $products; } else { $input[$key] = $val; } } } } else { $error_text = "There was no data received from the Prequal URL
"; } } } ?>
Azteca Net DSL Pricing

AztecaNet provides DSL service in the entire state of California via SBC ATT
Nevada coming soon!

Our price is at least $30 cheaper than competing companies with comparable service and speed. Other DSL providers use PPPoE (you connect with a username/password just like dialup) for their DSL service while we provide you with a static IP address. This is perfect for you if you travel and need to access your computer from another network.

We also now have a dynamic IP service that uses DHCP with prices staring at $19.95. This is not a teaser rate. In the second year of service we will not baloon your rate like most of the other companies.

Our DSL California service depends on your distance from the Telco's central office. Therefore we need to pre-qualify your phone number and location for DSL service BEFORE we can place your order.

We are looking forward to serving you in the best possible way.

Why Static IP Address?

  • Access your computer from another network
  • Host Web Pages on your own computer
  • Host your own FTP site or e-mail service
  • Work remotely over a virtual private network

Why use AztecaNet for DSL?

  • We handle the phone companies so you don't have to
  • Easy self-install kit
  • 5 e-mail accounts
  • 20MB Web site space
  • Speeds up to 7.1Mbps
  • Static IP address

Click Here to view DSL Availability Map.
Click here to pre-qualify your telephone number for DSL service.
ATT Customers see if DSL is available for your phone number.

SBC-ATT Packages - 3 Month Commitment Static IPs

Level Of Service   IP's   Activation   Modem   Monthly Cost
Up to 768K/Up to 384k   1   Free   $40   $31.95
Up to 1.5m/Up to 384k   1   Free   $40   $39.00
Up to 3.0m/Up to 512k   1   Free   $40   $44.00
Up to 6.0m/Up to 768k   1   Free   $40   $49.00


    $5 more for 4 static IPs
    $10 more for 8 static IPs

    * not orderable, but can be transferred as existing service at same price.

  • shipping charges are not included in the price of the modems.
SBC-ATT Packages - 3 Month Commitment Dynamic IP
Level Of Service   Activation   Modem   Monthly Cost
Up to 768K/Up to 384k   Free   $40   $19.00
Up to 1.5m/Up to 384k   Free   $40   $29.00
Up to 3.0m/Up to 512k   Free   $40   $34.00
Up to 6.0m/Up to 768k   Free   $40   $39.00

Note: Due the DSL technology characteristics, service availability and the maximum speed deliverable to your location cannot be guaranteed until the date of line installation. Prices subject to change.
Note: When switching to AztecaNet from another provider the switch time takes about 1 week to 1 month depending on the situation of the DSL user. After placing an order we can tell you the approximate wait time. Do not cancel your existing service with your current DSL provider, just fill out this ISP SWITCH form so their will be a minimum amount of down time.