Online Database Programs

Online Scholarship / Fellowship Management Program.
Manage your Education Institutions Scholarship programs online. Application documents are stored online along with the status of the application. Applicants know exactly where they are in the application process.

Admin Section allows for the advisory committee to score each application using online questions. Applicants scores are tabulated automatically and the winner is determined easily. Advisory Committee member can be located anywhere in the world.

This online system is currently in use by the University of California Humanities Research Institute located at the UC Irvine Campus.

Tool for Managing Wait Queues in Remote Offices
Manage your remote office wait times. Clients waiting to be served by your organization are placed into an electronic queue as they enter your offices. You can measure the time it takes for your employees to take care of the client. You can remotely see how many clients are waiting to be serviced at each remote office.

You can see which employees are most productive with monthly reports that total the number of clients/patients they have seen and what services were provided to the each client.

When clients leave your offices you can have them take an online survey to see if they were treated well and if their needs were met.

Management can see how many people are waiting at any given time in each remote office. Managment can see which employees are currently working with clients also at any given time and how long they have been with a client.

This online system is currently in use in many offices with many different organizations such at

Online Auction Site development

Resume and Job posting site development

Custom Email Sending application development for large number email databases. 500K email lists and above using multiple servers and network communication.

Birthday and Christmas email card sending programs.

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