About AztecaNet, Inc.

AztecaNet is a high-technology company that specializes in Internet services, software development and network consulting services. Its dramatic growth over the past several years can be attributed to sound strategic planning, a commitment to providing world-class customer service and reliable, "always-up" Internet services. Today, the Company maintains several thousand dial-up accounts and hosts over 1,000 Web sites including the California Mexican American Chamber of Commerce, Nosotros, the Hispanic Business Association and the Stanford Latino/Chicano Alumni Association. It has also provided software development and network consulting services to many top companies and organizations including AOL Time Warner, the Los Angeles MTA, Serena Software, Inc. and HNC Corp.

The Company, formerly known as Integrated Solutions, was formed in 1990 as a computer programming and software-consulting firm. In 1996, with the dramatic growth of the Internet, Integrated Solutions changed its name to AztecaNet and began offering Internet dial-up services and sophisticated Web hosting platforms to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. To fulfill its commitment to "always-up" service, the Company maintains a state-of-the-art data center complete with Tier-1 network connections, top-of-the-line servers and full-time battery backup.

Mario Araujo - President and Founder

Mario Araujo, President and Founder of AztecaNet, has over twenty years of technical experience in software development and network consulting (please see Mario's extraordinary resume). He has worked for a number of top firms throughout the world including Hughes Aircraft Company, Lear Astronics Corporation, Symantec, Xerox Corporation and Open Environment Corporation (in Japan).

As a Latino businessperson, Mr. Araujo and AztecaNet have won numerous awards including the prestigious "Telecommunications Company of the Year" award from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and commendations from the California State Senate and the California State Assembly for 2000. This is a reflection of the company's mission to provide the Latino community and the greater Los Angeles community with quality Internet products and technology consulting services.

Technology Services Team

As a result of the Company's many years in technology services, AztecaNet has developed a uniquely talented group of technologists whose diverse backgrounds and experience form a dynamic team capable of addressing the most complex networking situations, software problems and Internet solutions. AztecaNet's Technology Services team consists of a number of computer scientists, network integration experts and software development professionals. Each team member was carefully hand-picked by Mr. Araujo for his or her professionalism, technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. The Company has also established a number of key strategic alliances and partnerships to broaden the scope of its services to provide intelligent, fully integrated solutions for its clients.

Creative Services Team

The Creative Services team was assembled to provide clients with the ability to create and market their online services. The fully integrated team includes graphic artists, Web site designers, copywriters, editors, marketing professionals and business development experts. Depending on the needs of the client, the Creative Services team will (1) design visually compelling sites that are easy to navigate; (2) write or edit text to ensure the right information is being communicated in an effective manner; and (3) help clients generate "site visits" to generate new business. Team members are available on an hourly basis (i.e., as needed) or can be retained to provide month-to-month service.


AztecaNet, Inc
6820 La Tijera Blvd Suite 111, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (310) 677-8301 - Fax: (310) 641-5477
email: sales@azteca.net

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