Web Application For AYSO Region or AYSO Area Play Management

Web Application for AYSO Region or AYSO Area Play Management

You have probably received a lot of email lately, but this one is worth checking out. The developers of this program are soccer coaches, Regional Commissioners, Game Schedulers, Volunteer Coordinators, and Referees. We know what it takes to run an AYSO region. Countless hours of updates have gone into this program to make it perfect for an AYSO Region. Is it perfect? Almost. We are constantly adding features and making it better. Suggestions from users are always welcome.

Main Features

  1. Free 30 day Trial, We are so sure you will love it that you get a 30 days free trial with free phone support to get your region going.
  2. Low cost: $300 per year for regular season. $100 more for each competition such as Extra and Spring league and $200 more for paypal payment registration module. (We put google ads on your site to offset the development costs)
  3. Referee Self-Scheduler
  4. Volunteer Self-Scheduler
  5. Team Management
  6. Use for Regular Season, Spring League, Extra Programs, etc.
  7. Use for your Region or Area
  8. Manage your teams per Division such as Standings, Won, Loss, Ties, Volunteer Points etc.
  9. Optional: Deduct Points for Red Cards or Multiple Yellow Cards.
  10. System has been in active use since 2010 by AYSO Region 1031.
  11. Any custom features can be added quickly by our in house programmers.
  12. Registration Module and Payment Module uses PayPal and AYSO Offline.
  13. Free Website for all Regions (We put google ads on your site to offset the hosting costs). We set your region up with Google Apps email for your domain. We setup a CMS (Content Management System) like D4 but faster. The CMS program we use is Wordpress the most popular open source software (Free) available.
  14. Need someone to develop your site and you maintain your site after it is setup? We can do that also at a very low cost.
  15. AYSO Tournament Module available at $150 per tournament.

Regions using our system

  1. Region 1031 - South LA, CA
  2. Region 127 - San Marcos, CA
  3. Region 7 - Westchester, CA
  4. Region 1567 - Los Feliz, CA
  5. Region 47 - Riverside, CA
  6. Region 186 - Trumbull, CT
  7. Region 1959 - Watts, CA
  8. Region 820 - Menifee, CA

Referee Self-Scheduler Features

Referee Self Assignment
Gives referees the ability to register for referee assignments (pending administrator approval). Once assignments are confirmed by site administrators referees will receive an email notice of participation confirmation. In addition, the Referee administrator can also assign referees to games. Referees can also remove themselves from games provided they have not been approved by the referee administrator.

Update the Final Score
Center Referees can update the final score for any respective game and record any cautions and/or ejections include the players name and number.

Caution/Ejection Management
All Referees (center, assistant, or mentors) have the ability to enter yellow (caution) or red (ejection) cards issued during the game in the system. Cards can be issued to a team or directly assigned to the penalized player, if the player has been entered into the team’s roster. This feature is mainly for upper division area play.

Referee Email Communication
Site administrators can e-mail targeted referees or e-mail all referees a reminder of their pending activity for the coming week. A “referee game participation reminder” will e-mail all referees participating in games in the coming weekend. A “Referee Custom Options Eblast” allows for a more targeted referees eblast. Filtering options included are by region, by badge level, or competition.

Referee Report
A referee report list all the games the referees have participated in as well as allow site administrators to reassign individual points to teams in the referee's profile. Along with the completed and pending referee assignments all the teams attached to the referee's profile are also listed in the above section of the page. On each individual referee report the site administrator can reassigned completed points to any other team in the referee’s profile.

Referee Choice of Preferred Fields
Referees have the ability to manage a list of preferred playing fields that they are most comfortable working . Primary used as a reference to site administrators when manual self-scheduling individual referees into referee assignments, this list serves as a guide so that no referee is scheduled for a game where the field is not to his or her liking.

Referee Block List
Referees have the ability to manage a list of referees they are not comfortable participating within a game. Used both as a reference to the site administrator and referee alike when self-scheduling. All blocked referees will be restricted from self-scheduling into a game were a respective referee is participating. Self-scheduling priority in a game is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Volunteer Self-Scheduler

Volunteer Self Assignment
Gives volunteers the ability to register for volunteer tasks (pending administrator approval). Once confirmed by site administrator, volunteers will receive an email notice of participation confirmation. Point get awarded to the teams associated with the volunteer.

Volunteer Email Communication
Site administrators can e-mail registered volunteers or e-mail all volunteers a reminder of their pending activity for the coming week. Filtering options included are by region, by volunteer jobs, or competition.

Participation Points System

Volunteer Points Assigned to teams
All referee and volunteer participation in league activities can be rewarded with points credited to actively participating teams. All registered users can select multiple teams to attach to their profiles. One team must be selected when self-scheduling to credit a team with the points. No points are ever lost as site administrators can redistribute points if a change is needed.

Manage Profile Competitions (i.e. Regular Season, Spring League, Extra Program, etc)
All registered users can self-assign to any currently active competitions in the system. This feature presents users with much more focused options when moving through the individual sections of the site.

Manage Profile Teams
All registered users can select any number of teams stored in the system and attach them to their profile, making the selected teams available to be credited with participation points.

Manage Teams

Game Scheduling
A game scheduler allows you to schedule your games by division and days and times the fields are available. It also takes into account home games vs away games.

Team Standings
Game scores can be entered and team standings per division are generated automatically.

Playoff Scheduling
The playoff scheduling module will generate a single elimination playoff schedule for any odd or even numbered of teams by division. The scheduling will take into account the selected fields and their availability based on the days selected for the determined number of rounds. The playoff scheduler allows for seeding by current standings or custom seeding.

All head coaches and assistant coaches can manage several aspects of their assigned teams. Coaches can update individual team information, manage individual team rosters and print team rosters.

Regional Commissioners
A regional commissioner is a user that has been granted the role of regional commissioner for a region by the site’s administrator. A regional commissioner can manage any team registered to the commissioner’s region. This includes the ability to add and edit teams. A regional commissioner can assign a head and assistant coach to a team. A regional commissioner can add, edit and delete individual players of any team roster registered to the commissioner’s region. A regional commissioner can also verify the age of the players. A regional commissioner can update the final score for any respective game.

Registration Payment Module
Registration and payment can be made using the system and paypal. The system uses the AYSO offline system for download of current players registered in your Region. In addition, registration and payment can be made using our system via Paypal. Registration information is then uploaded and synchronized with AYSO Offline. Please refer to this web page for more information EAYSO Offline https://www.eayso.org/Offline_Default.aspx.

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